About the company

ALPHALEADER LLC provides a wide range of transportation and forwarding services.  We offer professional services of high quality in the field of cargo haulage, forwarding, customs clearance and certification of practically any type of freight. The main area of our business is international carriage of imported and exported cargoes from Europe, CIS, China, Korea, Malaysia, and other SEA (South East Asia) countries, India, USA, Turkey, and on-carriage to the consignee's warehouse.

Our company organizes international cargo carriage and develops logistic schemes for optimization of the financial costs of delivery of the goods, including identification of the best route, selection of the suitable mode of transport, and consulting on foreign trade business.

If necessary, our highly skilled specialists are ready to provide consulting support on the specific issues. Consulting within the framework of the order is free of charge and will not raise the cost of our services. This is because useful consulting is a way of indirect promotion of our company. Our free advice concerning, for instance, customs clearance of the products, will probably motivate you to turn to us for the customs clearance and logistic services later.

The basic operating principles of ALPHALEADER LLC consist in
— the professional approach,
— high quality performance of the cargo delivery obligations,
— full information about the carriage progress.

We are oriented to long-term and mutually beneficial partnership relations.

See our website for detailed description of the services that we can provide.