Carriage of cargoes by rail

Carriage by rail has long been known as one of the safest, convenient and accessible methods of moving freight to long distances. Railroad transportation makes it possible to deliver cargoes both within Russia, and to foreign countries. It is suitable for carriage of any cargoes ranging from machines and cars to building materials and food products. Carriage by rail provides for the best ratio of the delivery time, preservation of the cargo, and acceptable prices.

ALPHALEADER LLC provides the following rail carriage services:

— Forwarding of all types of cargoes;
— Calculation of the rates and other payments connected with transportation;
— Selection of the best rail carriage route;
— Execution of the complete package of transportation documents, and payment of the rail tariffs;
— Elaboration of the cargo loading (fastening) schemes and approval of the fastening drawings, loading and transportation of oversized, long-sized, or heavy cargoes using specialized running stock;
— Delivery of rail cars and containers for loading;
— Loading and unloading works;
— Operating supervision of the rail cars, control over the location of the cargo, and notification about the expected time of arrival at the destination point;
— Diversion of the cargoes en route;
— Transportation of cargoes in containers;
— Reception of cargoes at stations, and 'door-to-door' delivery;
— Guarding and insurance of cargoes.

Various methods of cargo delivery are used:

Standard railcar shipments — shipments of bulk or oversized cargoes or outsized equipment using the general-purpose rolling stock, such as boxcars, gondola cars, or platforms.

Special shipments — carriage using specialized rolling stock, such as cold storage sections, insulated cars, hoppers, dump cars (tilting wagons), etc.

Container shipments — carriage of cargoes in general-purpose containers. Container carriage conveniently differs from the in-wagon transportation by the versatility of the container, which makes it possible to easily transship the container to other modes of transport (sea, road).

The advantage of the railcar carriage consists in the low cost per product unit. Railcar carriage is most suitable for great-volume (bulk, mass) or outsized cargoes.

Rail transport remains a reliable, cost-effective, all-season, and modern method of moving freight.

The basic operating principles of ALPHALEADER LLC consist in the professional approach, high quality performance of the cargo delivery obligations, and full information about the carriage progress. We are oriented to long-term and mutually beneficial partnership relations.