Carriage of oversized cargoes

Carriage of oversized cargoes requires a case by case thorough work, because, as a rule, there are no typical operations in this area. Transportation of an oversized object is one of the most complicated and costly types of carriage, with special requirements for the participants of the transportation process. Each transportation is unique by definition and requires a strict interaction of all links in the transportation chain, which is unthinkable without a wide range of services, both preparatory and relating to the transportation proper:

— determination of the extent, to which the cargo exceeds the standard size;
— selection of the suitable mode of transport, in terms of cargo capacity and volume;
— preparation of the fastening and strapping schemes and layouts for the oversized or heavy cargoes on road vehicles, and calculation of the axle loads;
— determination of the best carriage route;
— elaboration of the project documentation for coordination of the route of the vehicle carrying the oversized cargo;
— obtaining of special permits for carriage of large-size, oversized, and heavy cargoes;
— organization of the escort by protection vehicles or highway police patrol cars;
— preparation and manufacture of special and supplementary fasteners for the cargo;
— supervision over the loading and unloading works;
— insurance of cargoes.

Carriage of oversized cargoes Carriage of oversized cargoes

ALPHALEADER LLC carries the following cargoes:

— industrial equipment;
— long-sized cargoes and cargoes with large diameters;
— agricultural equipment (tractors, combines, grain harvesters, etc.);
— construction equipment (bulldozers, excavators, concrete pumps, drilling rigs, etc.).

Carriage of oversized cargoes Carriage of oversized cargoes

We carry imported and exported oversized, large-size, and heavy cargoes from/to Europe and CIS to the consignee's warehouse in Russia.

Highly skilled specialists of our company will organize, in a prompt and trouble-free manner, the delivery of your cargo in compliance with all standards and requirements applicable to carriage of outsized cargoes.