Certification (issuance of certificates)

The modern market offers to the consumer a huge variety of goods and services. One of the main methods to regulate this variety is standardization and certification of the quality of the products. Thanks to certification of the goods and services the consumer can make sure that the products fully comply with the stipulated quality standards.

Certification means activities of a third party, independent from the manufacturer (seller) and the consumer of the products, aimed at confirmation of the conformity of the products with the stipulated requirements.

Accreditation means a formal recognition of the test laboratory's right to engage in general or specific tests preceding the certification of the products or services; a procedure by way of which the authorities duly empowered in accordance with the applicable legislative acts officially acknowledge that the test laboratory or the certification body is entitled to perform certain works in the declared area.

Certification of goods or services can be of two types: voluntarily or mandatory certification of the products.

Mandatory certification of products is required for the products, in respect of which there are mandatory quality requirements. You can learn whether the product is subject to certification from the nomenclature of products subject to mandatory confirmation of quality, or by the OKP codes. Mandatory certification of quality is performed by a state body or a private company accredited by the State Committee for Standardization.

Voluntarily certification of products may be undertaken by the interested organization. Possession of such a certificate is a weighty proof of quality, and for this reason companies opt for voluntarily certification of goods and services.

Our company provides the following certification services:

— Certificate of compliance with GOST-R
— Declaration of conformity
— Letters of exemption
— SERs (sanitary-epidemiological reports)
— Laboratory test reports
— Permits for use issued by the Russian Industrial Inspection
— Fire safety certificates

Our company cooperates with a great number of bodies accredited by the Russian State Committee for Standardization. Our experience and partnership with  the leading Russian certification bodies and test centers allow us to certify various types of products made by Russian and foreign manufacturers at the minimum time and financial costs.