Container carriage by sea

Container carriage by sea is the most efficient type of transportation, which is not only the most cost-effective method of cargo delivery, but also the most convenient practice whenever loading and unloading, or on-carriage by land is required. Container carriage by sea is cost-effective for long-distance transportation of freight, such as when you bring containers from the USA or from South East Asia countries, including China. Sea transportation presupposes storage of cargoes at the ports on open-sky or closed warehouses, and on-carriage by road or rail — delivery by sea is a part of a multimodal carriage, for which several modes of transport are used. Sea transportation guarantees the maximum preservation of cargoes. Modern containers are strongly built and can be adequately sealed.

We cooperate with major sea container lines on the basis of long-term contracts.

We perform international container carriage by sea from China, Korea, Malaysia and other SEA (South East Asia) countries, India, USA, Turkey, as well as from European ports and other countries, and on-carriage to consignee's warehouse.

The rich practical experience of our specialists allows us to develop the best logistic schemes, based on which the cargoes can be carried at the lowest costs in terms of your time and financial resources.

In the area of container carriage by sea we can offer the following types of services:

— Organization of delivery of import (export) cargoes in all types of containers from any country of the world to Russia;
— Development of the best logistic schemes;
— Tracing of cargoes en route;
— Carriage of standard, dangerous or oversized cargoes;
— Intraport forwarding of cargoes;
— Organization of customs transit;
— Organization of customs clearance;
— Warehouse processing, storage and transshipment of cargoes at ports;
— Preparation and issue of transport documents;
— Reloading of cargoes from containers into road and rail transport vehicles with delivery to the consignee;
— Prompt calculation of the cargo delivery rates.

The basic operating principles of ALPHALEADER LLC consist in the professional approach, high quality performance of the cargo delivery obligations, and full information about the carriage progress. We are oriented to long-term and mutually beneficial partnership relations.