Customs clearance of cargoes

Customs clearance plays an important role in the process of import/export deliveries of goods. In order to perform the customs clearance of goods duly and rapidly, one should be well-versed in law, and possess an experience of cooperation with the customs authorities, not counting the high skills of the personnel.

We perform customs clearance of cargoes in order to provide to our Customers the full complex of logistic services.

The basic list of services includes:

Customs clearance of cargoes

— presentation of the interests of foreign traders before the customs authorities;
— customs clearance of imported and exported cargoes (preparation of the complete set of documents, control of all stages of the customs clearance procedure for the cargo);
— consulting on the issues of foreign trade business;
— assistance in registration of companies as foreign trade participants;
— checking of contracts for compliance with the requirements of the customs authorities;
— determination of the customs value of the goods;
— determination of the TN VED codes;
— calculation of the customs dues;
— execution of the documents for domestic and international customs transit;
— declaration of the goods and vehicles;
— customs clearance of excise goods;
— obtaining of certificates of conformity, sanitary-epidemiological reports, etc.

The high skills and experience of our employees allow us to provide for a high quality and prompt customs clearance of goods. We are ready to offer our professional advice on the matters concerning customs clearance of cargoes.