Forwarding of cargoes

The carrier ALPHALEADER LLC offers its services for forwarding of cargoes from virtually any country of the world to Russia by sea, road, or rail transport.

Forwarding of cargoes

The transportation and forwarding services form a complex of actions aimed at organization of the process of delivery of cargoes from the shipment point to the delivery point; execution of of the shipping documents; storage operations; as well as full information support.

We offer the following services:

— elaboration of the best cargo delivery scheme;
— calculation of the rates for cargo delivery within the shortest time;
— selection of the rolling stock type depending on the cargo parameters and the mode of transport;
— control and full information support of the whole cargo carriage process;
— forwarding of cargoes at ports;
— execution of the necessary shipment (TIR, CMR) and export (EX-1) documentation;
— warehouse processing, storage and transshipment of cargoes at ports;
— reloading of cargoes from one vehicle to another;
— insurance of cargoes.

Cooperation with the leading international and Russian carriers allows us to deliver cargoes by virtually any mode of transport:

Forwarding of cargoes

— trucks with a cargo capacity of up to 120 m3
— containers 20 DV/ 40 DV/ 40 HC
— specialized transport means: container yards, cold storage trucks, vehicles with ADR permits, and vehicles for delivery of outsized cargoes.

The basic operating principles of ALPHALEADER LLC consist in the professional approach, high quality performance of the cargo delivery obligations, and full information about the carriage progress. We are oriented to long-term and mutually beneficial partnership relations.