Multimodal carriage of cargoes

Carriage of cargoes with the use of various modes of transport (road, sea, air) is known as multimodal or combined transportation. This method of delivery is an integral part of transportation of goods on the 'door-to-door' principle.

Multimodal transportation is mostly used for delivery of goods from remote places or other countries. The main feature of this method of transportation is the need for coordination of the activities of all participants in the transportation of the cargo.

Multimodal carriage of cargoes Multimodal carriage of cargoes

Multimodal carriage makes it possible to select the combination, which is optimal for the goals to be achieved.

The great practical experience of our specialists allows them to attain the required coordination of actions of all participants in the multimodal carriage of cargoes.

ALPHALEADER LLC also offers the following services:

Multimodal carriage of cargoes

— Container carriage by sea
— International road carriage
— Carriage of oversized cargoes
— Delivery of general cargoes
— Carriage of cargoes by rail
— Forwarding of cargoes
— Customs clearance of cargoes
— Certification (issuance of certificates)

We can select the best route for multimodal carriage of your cargo.

The basic operating principles of ALPHALEADER LLC consist in the professional approach, high quality performance of the cargo delivery obligations, and full information about the carriage progress. We are oriented to long-term and mutually beneficial partnership relations.